Miracle Sunscreen Brown

Miracle Sunscreen (Brown)

US$ 22.25

Natural radiance sunscreen for both face and body. This silky smooth sunscreen with no sticky residue, brightens your complexion, reduces dark spots, evens out skin tone and keeps your skin moisturised. Oxybenzone-free and oxetinoxate free. Tested on sensitive skin. Dermatologist tested/Oil-free/Allergy tested/Paraben-free/Non Comenogenic Ingredients: Mineral Oil Vitamin E Vitamin C Silky Protein Titanium Dioxide Chamomile Flower Extract Fragrance Alkyl Benzoate Usage: During the day or evening, after cleansing and toning, take 1-2 drops of the solution onto the face. Massage with the ring finger and middle finger until fully absorbed. Then follow-up care. Invented & Manufactured in Uk Lab test : Singapore & Malaysia Miracles #1.05 , 1 Regus 450 Bath road West Drayton London UB7 OEB Instagram : miracleshineasia